I`m Nina, finnish textile designer, art educator and children`s book author. I am Master of Arts in Textile design (2000) and Art pedagogy (2017). I work with patterns, colours, art education, graphic design, illustrations and children books.

I have designed over 700 hundred textile products (silk,- and wool accessories, printed fabrics, bed linens, towels etc.) and graphic designs like book covers and lay-outs, logos and visual identities, CD-designs, brochures, flyers, posters etc. I have over 9 years experience as an in-house designer in finnish textile accessories company Marja Kurki Oy, where I designed and developed fashion accessories for Finland, China and European markets.

I have made 4 own children books: Ystävät (Aarre Design 2018), Pöö Pöö Pöllö (Aarre Design 2015, 2006 2. edition), poem book Kamelikimara (Aarre Design 2010) and Pikku pingviinin maailmanympärysmatka (2006).