I`m Nina, finnish textile designer and art educator. I have graduated from the Aalto-university 2017 (MA in artpedagogy) and University of Art and design Helsinki 2000 (MA in textile design). I work with patterns, colours, graphic design, illustrations, books and art education projects from my studio Aarre Design on freelancer basis.

I have designed numerous textiles like printed fabrics, bed linens, towels etc. and graphic designs like book covers and lay-outs, logos and visual identities, CD-designs, brochures, flyers, posters etc. I have 9 years experience as an in-house designer in finnish textile accessories company Marja Kurki Oy, where I designed and developed fashion accessories like silk, and woolscarves and jacquard weaved silkties for Finland, China and European markets. Several my designs have been best sellers.

I like to keep things simple, you could call it Scandinavian style. My strenghts are good visual and commercial eye, creativity, colourdesign and sense of trends. I have good project managing and co-ordinating skills.

I have made 3 own children books, latest Pöö Pöö Pöllö was released in spring 2015, 2.release at 2016. Poem book Kamelikimara was published in 2010.

I work as art-teacher in Espoon kuvataidekoulu, teaching mainly 7-10 years old pupils. Environmental art-education, pedagogical love and Steiner,- and Reggio Emilia pedagogy inspire me.

Give me a meil and let`s talk more! :)

P.S. please ask for full CV.